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A developing world of characters, locations and real time events that is being used for dnd/pathfinder/rpg campaigns.

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Gods Playground is the solar system and budding universe of 9 Ancestor Gods who have slain a being of true infinity. The Solar System currently consists of 1 Sun, 1 Planet (Spielatz) and three moons, Father Sky, Mother's Earth, and Innovations Clock, in the planets orbit. The Ancestor Gods have created this world in an image of their choosing for purposes unknown to any creatures below their plane of existence. The chosen servants of the Ancestor Gods the people and creatures that can learn the names of the Ancestor Gods are usually True Gods which are worshipped by mortals of Gods Playground.

World Structure Edit

The untamed magics that run wild across Spielatzs world create dangerous environments and powerful creatures that leave the mortals of the plane relying on heroes, adventurers, artifacts and gods for protection. Civilizations exist under the protection of one or more powerful individuals who are capable of protection the citizens from the dangers they face in Gods Playground.

Major Civilizations Edit

Ageless Isles Edit

Asgard Edit

Babylon Edit

Hóng Qiáng Wángcháo (Red Wall Dynasty) Edit

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Minor Civilizations Edit


Grazier's Commonwealth

Nomad's Desert

Homebrewed Pathfinder Content Edit

Living Golem (Prestige Class)

Faithful Soldier (Paladin Archetype)

Mythic Monster Path

Rule Changes

Gods Hitdice

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